Kurt Friedrich

web developer

about me

I am a web developer and musician who wants to create meaningfully. Unfulfilled by my initial career as a mechanical engineer, I decided to join a band so I could make music and tour across the country. For over five years I lived out this dream, and learned how to manage a touring band in the process, but I often found myself craving the mental stimulation I was used to.

My interest eventually gravitated to web development, a field where I could apply my creative and technical skills, and I decided to enroll in The Iron Yard coding school in Indianapolis. Every day for twelve weeks straight, I focused on building core development skills in an immersive learning environment.

Shortly after, I landed my first gig as a developer at Sticknleaves, a product development and consulting firm. There I contributed to multiple projects as part of an incredible team, gaining experience with many aspects of the development process - architecting and refactoring code, building features, writing tests, and maintaining and debugging live applications.

Currently, I am able to build and deploy full-stack web applications using Ruby on Rails, TDD, Git + Github, APIs, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and other technologies. I am eager to keep learning and growing my skills. As a worker, I am a creative and thoughtful problem solver with a knack for simplicity.


Ruby on Rails

MVC architecture + TDD

Git + Github

Version control


Shopify, EasyPost


Sass, Bootstrap, Foundation

Amazon S3





A collaborative tool to help musicians share information and simplify the creative process.

FEATURES: Upload and stream songs with advanced playback options. Add lyrics, chords, notes, and comments to songs. Invite band members to join.

TECHNOLOGY: Ruby on Rails, Foundation, Javascript, jQuery, wavesurfer.js, Amazon S3

Git Nifty

Giphy recreation (group project). A website for sharing and discovering animated gif images.

FEATURES: Upload and view animated gifs via AJAX. Upvote and view gif info, including total votes, source URL, and original poster.

TECHNOLOGY: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, Giphy API


A mock e-commerce site for selling a bunch of different socks (group project).

FEATURES: View items and add specific size, quanity to cart. Search based on color, description. Complete transaction via credit card payment.

TECHNOLOGY: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Stripe API + Payola, Amazon S3



I am looking to join an exciting team where I can help build creative solutions and continue to learn. If you know any opportunities that might be a good fit, please get in touch!